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Prime Advisor Inc.

Simple and Reliable Invoice Factoring

Prime Advisor: Where Expertise Meets Success
Your Trusted Partner for Fast and Reliable Funding Solutions!

Prime Advisor has established itself as a premier invoice factoring company in America, standing out through our dedication to helping clients excel. As our valued client, you'll gain access to a comprehensive program tailored to fuel your business growth.

Do you have unpaid invoices but need cash


With invoice factoring, you can access the funds you need to keep your company going strong with just a few easy steps.

Why Choose Prime Advisor?

Faster access to funds:

 Traditional payment terms can range from 30 to 90 days, causing a delay in receiving payments. Factoring provides quick access to funds, often within 24 hours of invoice approval, which can be crucial for businesses with immediate financial needs.

Seasonal or cyclical businesses

Businesses with fluctuating sales volumes throughout the year can benefit from factoring by obtaining immediate cash during slow periods to cover expenses or invest in marketing for peak seasons.

Improved cash flow:

 Factoring allows businesses to access immediate cash by selling their outstanding invoices to a factoring company. This helps them cover expenses, meet payroll, invest in growth, and handle day-to-day operations without waiting for customers to pay.

Suitable for small businesses and startups:

 Businesses with limited credit history or those struggling to obtain traditional financing can use invoice factoring as an alternative means of funding.

Flexible financing option:

Invoice factoring can be tailored to the specific needs of the business. As the business grows and generates more invoices, the factoring line can be adjusted accordingly.

No debt incurred: Invoice factoring is not a loan;

 it is the sale of an asset (the invoice) to a factoring company. Therefore, businesses do not take on additional debt and avoid adding liabilities to their balance sheets.

Outsourcing of collections:

 Factoring companies often take over the responsibility of collecting payments from customers. This frees up the business from managing accounts receivables and allows them to focus on core operations.

Quick and simple application process:

Compared to traditional bank loans, the factoring application process is often more straightforward and quicker, allowing businesses to access funds in a shorter time frame.

Looking for Consistent Cash Flow?

Rest Assured, We've Got You Covered.

Invoice factoring is a straightforward, cost-effective, and dependable funding solution that your business can rely on. Here's how it works: you submit the invoice to us, and we provide you with a substantial upfront payment. Once your debtor settles the invoice, you receive the remaining balance, deducting a small fee. It's as easy as that.

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Get Funded Now

Simple and Affordable Invoice Factoring Services


Unpaid Invoices 


Submit application and invoices


Grow your business

B2B service provider

Creditworthy debtors

Clear audit trail

North American customers

Monthly volumes up to $10 M

No consignment sales

No pre-billing

No warranties

No progress billing

Turn Your Invoices into Cash with America’s Premier Invoice Factoring Company Prime Advisor.






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